Thursday, August 9, 2007

Sick Mick - LOL

Sick Mick - LOL

My achievements are recorded in the media outlets of this country including many official reports and offices of this country as well as Parliament too. So don't worry about me. In the meantime may I ask the list of achievements of you and your cult leader!

Your cult leader is self centered and greedy bastard. He was bankrupted three times in the last 12 years. He is a lying crook. Jools has basically stolen the TDA fund. He did so by taking money from our fund without any authorisation from the committee and he failed to provide proper explanation of such misappropriation. He is a greedy fraudster. He have been falsely claiming to be the President of the NSW TDA and deceiving many unsuspected people of this society. The NSW Fraud Squad should be investigating him and his activities.

Ill-motivated Jolls created the ATDA to further his lust and greed. However, no one is joining with him in the house of dictators called the "ATDA.". Now, the shameless pest is trying to creep into the NSW TDA to eat out our little fund. Remember, your cult leader also virtually bankrupted the NSW TDA fund last year and you are a party to all of these crimes.

By the way, how did you pass your taxi exam? Did you bribe any one? I say this because an “educated and eloquent” leader like you made at least five mistakes in two lines of deliberation. Your “wise” deliberation also does not make any sense


pis off faruk you not but full off shit hatred and mack no sense at all tel me what you at chive but trouble and no one listen to you at all again piss off you just a little foolish

--- In, "union_faruque" wrote:

Why do I have to bother about a few serial bankrupts, professional cheats, congenital liars and a couple of racists like Adolph Hitler! One of these frauds has been falsely claiming to the unaware media outlets as the President of the NSW TDA! This fraud merchant took money from the NSW TDA account without proper authorisation or explanation whatsoever. This fraudulent person found a few of his cult followers like spineless Mick (?).

Would you believe, these dingbats did nothing good in their lives. They are disgusting indeed. This dishonest bunch formed the so called ATDA to change or triumph over the world! Therefore I would like to know:

1. How many members do they have,
2. What are their achievements and
3. Why the hell they are bothering our poor little organization?

MICK HADID <> wrote:

ernie you fail??? to inform every one and you are backing the offender we must be inform regardless of the reason in full details and still waiting for the fax you promises as so i can inform my members you are responsible not me for having less members what is you adgender ernie are you too poison by ted or forgot who is your responsibility is ?????????? taxis drivers and all and not ted intrest who he is serving i meanit ???


From: "Ernie Mollenhauer" <>
Subject: RE: Re The Formal Notice of Motion
Date: Tue, 07 Aug 2007 23:48:13 +1000

Well Jimmy,

Having seen your demand I can only suggest that you hold your breath until you get what you want.

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>Subject: Re The Formal Notice of Motion
>Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2007 15:42:09 +1000
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>To The Hon. Secretary of the NSWTDA
>Mr. Theodore Hirsh esq.
>Received to day by Australia Post was the notification of the AGM of
>the NSWTDA plus a single sheet entitled "Formal Notice of Motion"
>Item 1: Sir, this notification has arrived well outside the 28 day
>statutory requirement and Australia Post cannot be blamed for that.
>It would seem Sir that you are incompetent in sending out
>notifications as per constitutional requirement.
>Item 2:. This formal notice of motion, regardless of space
>requirements requires you as secretary to present to all financial
>members as to what the other so called dozen other proposed
>Item 3:. Earlier this year, there were other motions submitted for
>debate at the AGM and they need debating and hearing and you Sir,
>are derelict in your duties as secretary in failing to notify
>members of what those motions were.
>Also Sir, with your mail out, there is no agenda supplied for the
>AGM and when may we financial members get to see this agenda?
>On the Day of the meeting?
>So that we may not have time to prepare our submissions?
>You spoke in the past sir, of the openness and transparency of the
>NSWTDA. What you have sent out to members is about as clear and
>transparent as mud.
>I James West Financial Member of the NSWTDA demand by return email
>the full agenda of the said AGM together with all the motions that
>were proposed for the same.
>James West
>Your Rights at Work Campaign
>for Taxi Drivers. & Financial Member of The NSWTDA & The ATDA

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