Friday, August 17, 2007

The Combined Racism and Sectarianism at Work

The Combined Racism and Sectarianism at Work

Who is this foulmouthed, arrogant and know it all person and why the hell he has been inciting racism and sectarianism? How did he gain any right to insult me, or anyone for that matter at any time without any evidence whatsoever in the fist place?

Is it called The Combined Racism and Sectarianism at Work?

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You are in serious danger of me liking you. Again you post incisive and pertinent documentary and lay bare the (remaining) officers of the NSWTDA to charges of gross impropriety. Is it any wonder that the founding members of the ATDA, have reacted to what has occured within the NSWTDA and protected that organization from similar 'Shit takeovers' by megalomaniacal incompetants.

REPLY:-My Dear Gerard,

I personally do not give a rats arse who likes me or hates me. I am not here to win any popularity contest nor am I standing for any bullshit political position. I just detest all the fucking scullduggery, backstabbing and all the other bullshit that has been going on in the last 12 months at the expence of any progress of any fucking reforms be they saftey or financial for taxi drivers.I do not give a fucking shit if Jools is the biggest crook since Ronald Biggs, he at least gets things done for us. Hirsch on the other hand has done sweet fucking nothing except allow Ernie to kiss his arse. Farouque Ahmed is a complete and raving idiot, a racist islamic turd that makes me want to throw up.

Remember Gerard I made a vow to members at the last AGM to keep the bastards honest and that is what I am endevouring to do via my barrage of emails.I want to see Jools answer all charges against him at the next AGM and I want for the members to decide if Jools is a compleate and utter shonk or not. He was their president and it should be the members that kick his arse if he so deserves not FUCKING HERR HITLER HIRSCH OR HIS STOOGES.

Totally Pissed Off


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